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Worth the Share: Why You Should Evaluate Job Offers Like An Investor

This is a piece from Fast Company on how to compare career opportunities with the same methodical rigor that investors apply to assessing new opportunities to generate high risk-adjusted returns.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Ways to Talk with Recruiters on Campus

Now is the time to cultivate relationships with recruiters, learn a new set of skills, get to know employers, and close the deal with your preferred firm.

How to Solve Problems Like a Champion Mathlete

More than 600 high school math students from 110 countries recently gathered in Hong Kong for the 57th International Math Olympiad.

Working at Citadel: Fortune & Great Place to Work Rank Firm as a Top 50 Best Workplace for Recent Graduates

Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work firm named Citadel to US’s 50 Best Workplaces for Recent College Graduates.

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Be the Boss: Do a Candidate’s Grades Really Matter?

Citadel’s CEO Ken Griffin has long credited the firm’s success to Citadel’s most important asset: its people. Ken talks with Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations, as they share what their companies look for when hiring. In part two, Ken and Laszlo answer the age-old question, “do grades matter?”

5 Trillion Digits: Inside Alexander Yee’s Journey to Pi

Pi is much more than a number for Alexander Yee, a software engineer at Citadel Securities. In 2010, Alexander developed a computer program that detailed out Pi to a record-setting five trillion digits.

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