Aptigon Capital



Established in 2016, Aptigon is a fundamental equities business. Operating on Citadel’s leading-edge risk management platform, Aptigon’s portfolio teams conduct rigorous analysis of companies to develop views of their medium-to-long term performance.

Sectors of focus: Consumer, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Industrials, Communication, Media & Entertainment, and Technology

Approach to Investing

Aptigon’s teams seek to understand the fundamental drivers that impact the future performance of each company they cover. Portfolio management teams, a number of which bring decades in combined experience in the sectors covered, develop their own viewpoints and positions, while collaborating in research across the Aptigon complex. Each U.S. sector is covered by multiple portfolio managers, with select sector-based exposure in non-U.S. markets.

Offices: Greenwich, New York, and San Francisco

Talent at the Center

Aptigon takes the long view on the career development of its team members. At its launch, the business established dedicated roles and resources to manage the growth, training, and career progression of its investment professionals. Each stage of professional development is designed to foster a collaborative environment that encourages mentorship, cross-training, and learning.


Richard Schimel
Head of Aptigon

Richard Schimel is Head of Aptigon Capital at Citadel and is a member of Citadel’s Portfolio Committee. Prior to joining Citadel, he was Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sterling Ridge Capital Management LP and Co-Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Diamondback Capital Management LLC. Mr. Schimel is President of A Little Hope, a non-profit focused on creating innovative initiatives in the childhood bereavement field. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.